Home Mail Box Trap

Due to the excessive amount of trash in my mailbox that resists all SPAM eliminator algorithms, I have written my own email filter. 

ALL mail from anywhere or anyone is filtered by my host, my anti-virus, and then filtered through my own filter.

My filter is nasty.  It removes anything that resembles a SPAM form or eCard, or non-text oriented messages.
It then lists all of the email not deleted for me to make a visual pass of real sender, real links, etc.

Recognized email, sends me an alert.
I may delete unrecognized  (likely) or download it to read (unlikely).

You would do the same if you were receiving about 100 SPAMs per hour!!!
Two or three per day get to my visual list for personal action.

To really send your email:   eMail

Please send the email -- your comments and suggestions. They are appreciated.

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