Contact Sheet

Please use one of the methods below to make contact.  I shall try to respond quickly.


Email is the best way to reach me.  When I do have access, I read my email daily.  There are periods when I do not have access.

I use Microsoft Outlook to retrieve the mail.  Between the server audits and the Outlook rules, if your mail is offensive, any future mail from you will be discarded without me even knowing you sent it.  On the other hand, mail sent here stays here until I do retrieve it.


I have a cell phone again!  I had previously given up on cell phones.  I now have calling cards and use pay phones to return necessary calls and to hear the voices of loved ones.  Cell phone prices have come down to the point that their inadequacies are outweighed by the hassle of locating a pay phone on a timely basis.  Email me and I shall send you my phone number.

My current cell phone service is from tMobile out of Berkeley.

FAX:  001.978.336.8345

This is an eFax number: your FAX page shows up as a TIFF file in my email.  eFax is a great idea and it works.
Faxes may be ignored for a while: the download time may be excessive or I may be at a connection that does not permit downloads.  FAX is good for people who need to use real paper or do not like email.  I prefer an email with an attachment.  Use FAX if you have nothing else.

SNAIL MAIL (US Postal Service)

Chuck Kelly
149 Rainbow Drive #4956
Livingston TX 77399-1049

Snails are faster and more reliable: Mail sent to the Livingston address is forwarded to me (General Delivery) once every 2 months.  In other words, snail mail has about a 6-12 week delay.
My mailbox forwarding service (Escapees) is the best but the USPS: is not real reliable.


My daughter, Megan, knows where I am and she can contact me.  The Heisenberg principle applies here: she does not know both where I am and when I am getting/leaving there.  It may take Megan a week to contact me.  It may take you a week to contact Megan -- longer if she does not know you.  Megan is a dear person and my friends may contact me through her.  Non-friends will only cause both of us duress.

The ‘Where I Am’ button gives you my current location and schedule.


U.S. Citizen -- Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan on April 22, 1944.


I am at my home in El Golfo de Santa Clara.  If I am travelling, then I am not updating my web page.

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