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Mexican Insurance

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ADA-VIS Mexican Insurance

1-800-909-4457 or

Call these people! The call is free. I get nothing for this reference.  Many people pay hundreds of dollars for a short Mexican vacation.  I pay less than $100 per year including pre-paid legal.  For those of you who think "Mexican Coverage" on your standard policy also covers Mexican liability: News flash: it doesn't!

Memberships For Sale

1000 Trails

Colorado River Adventures

El Golfo Beach RV Site Leases

1000 Trails

Too late. 1000 Trails charged my VISA $50 more than they stated.  I could not sell someone a membership that cheats its members.  I just cancelled the contract.  There is more to life than money.

Colorado River Adventures

CRA original-owner membership for sale.  I will sell it for $500 plus the contract transfer cost.  This is a real bargain .  You will pay $5,000 or more for this contract new.  Email me.  Soon.

El Golfo Beach RV Park Long Term Leases

Beach RV Park

I work with a real estate agent in El Golfo.  We have an RV park on the El Golfo Beach.  Well, almost on the beach, there are a group of picnic ramadas in front but the soft beach sand starts at our entrance and you can see the water from our sites.

We have full time residents, security, fenced property.  You may fence your own site.  You pay the the annual lease fee, water, and light.  Contact me.  I get a commission and you get the best available price.  Click the picture to see and learn more.

Written: 2010  Updated: March 1, 2015