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If I understand the scale and our current technology (my friend Bob Beeman could correct me on this):

if we took an optic with the best resolution ever made by man and viewed the entire solar system, the optic would not see me sitting on the Earth.  
Similarly if we used the same optic from the other end of the universe to locate our solar system, the optic could not see our system.
Although I am important to me, my importance is minuscule to that of the remainder the universe.   Yet here I am.  I am valuable enough to be this little microdot.   That makes me important.   All I can do is ask everyday to do the job that is so important that I am here and alive and not a speck in some goat's eye somewhere on a planet in a solar system that is unknown to any life on this planet.   Rub-a-dub-dub, thanks for the grub.  Yeah God.  Amen.

Written:  2003          Updated: March 1, 2015