For all that I did not think that I ought to have thought, for all that I did not say that ought to have said, for all that I did not do that I ought to have done, I pray to be forgiven.  I humbly ask the time to complete the tasks that have been given to me.

I have a dream.
I live a dream.

Who I am

I am a retired telecommunications software engineer living in a motor home in El Golfo de Santa Clara, Sonora, Mexico.  I stay where it is dry and warm.  The lights of my life are my dear daughter, Megan, my dog, "Bingo", and my El Golfo friends.  I no longer do much walking as I have worn out my knees and some days they are so painful that I have difficulty standing.  The daily exercise with Dido (then) and Bingo (now) has strengthened my heart and has reduced my medication substantially.

Professionally, until retirement, I designed and implemented embedded telecommunication systems.  Currently, I enjoy using Delphi and writing graphical Windows applications on my personal computer.  My professional life was primarily in Silicon Valley and Phoenix.  But then I also worked in Boca Raton, Dallas, Detroit, South Bend, Madison (WI), and Bloomington (IL).

Web Page?

I maintain this home page for my personal ego and to let my family and friends know what I am doing and thinking.

I am slowly writing a biography (this web page) for my daughters since I lost most of their pictures in the RV theft (Disaster).  I am an aspiring writer and NOT related to the other Chuck Kelly's who are already published or are more visible at some university.

The RV Life Style

The RV Living section is created for newcomers to the RV lifestyle.  I tried to make this comprehensive so please email me with your additions or corrections.  Since there are few newcomers, maybe the people with scaled down campers can enjoy some of it.

Tens of thousands enjoy this life style but we are almost invisible.  You see our dinosaurs prowling the highways and occasionally working their way through a city.  Considering the GWB economic collapse, you will not see many more of our dinosaurs roaming the streets: many companies that made them are all bankrupt.

Where have I been?  Before becoming mobile I lived in 20 different places and can relate to almost anywhere in the USA.  After becoming mobile, the visited places include everywhere except the northeast -- and 50 years ago, I lived there..

In reality, I spend too much time at the keyboard or talking with my friends.

El Golfo de Santa Clara (31°41'N 114°29'W)

El Golfo is/was a small fishing village located on the beach of the Sea of Cortes about 100 miles south of Yuma, Arizona.  The fish and shrimp have moved out so the fishermen have either left, hope the fish and shrimp will return (not a chance!), or have converted to the tourism industry.
The state has purchased the licenses and boats from many for a high price encouraging them to build a tourist enterprise.  Many have just taken vacations and bought new toys.

There are a number of motels and restaurants.
There are small RV parks in the middle of town and some tent camping sites further south.  The El Golfo CRA Park is at the very south end of town on the main street (you must be a CRA member).  All in all, the town is changing so rapidly that anything I say will be obsolete by the time you read this.  There is serious RV park construction north of town.  Someone, somewhere understands that soooner or later the tourist money will return.  And it will.  Someday.

2015 --  Local politics (corruption) have kept serious resort money out of El Golfo.  As a result the new highway  south gives tourists an excuse to bypass our town.  Crime rate is high because to many people are out of work. They do not leave to find employment.  They only know to fish and the schools are poor -- most drop out by 15 years old.  Sad.

Earthquakes:  Yes, We have felt the earthquakes.

Bingo -- My New Border Collie / Australian Shepherd Mix

I cannot replace Dido but I needed to replace the hole in my heart and to do something to stop the crying.  I located a new Border Collie.  A couple days driving in Arizona and California and I found the right new dog: Bingo.  Bingo is a Border Collie mix, badly abused by his previous owner (not the foster home -- they give great care and love to their animals).  Badly abused:  cracked skull, cracked ribs, damaged vertebrae, damaged tail bones, and hip damage (from a shovel).

Buying American?  Never a Ford Ranger.  Six years later I have a new Nissan Rogue -- what a great car!

Contact In Case You Want to Know

I live full-time in the RV.  From 1994 to 2000 I lived in an apartment in San Jose while working at Siemens (ROLM).  I have been divorced since early 1982.  My 2 daughters grew up with me until they left for college, then I grew up by myself.

An interesting Perspective from my friend, Tino.

Social Suggestions

50 years ago I had a boss who suggested that I compliment 3 persons every day.  Sometimes I find this difficult but I try.  Every day.  Sincere compliments.  I have a similar rule that has served me very well both in the workplace and every day.  My corollary: "Never pass up any opportunity to compliment a person to their boss."  That favor will be returned tenfold.

Health Rule #1:

If you have diabetes, walk two miles before breakfast every day.  If you want diabetes, do not walk two miles before breakfast every day.

Social Security: "Your Retirement Plan"

For each 1,000 retired persons living outside the USA on a monthly $1,000 check, $12,000,000 is added to some other country economy.  There are obvious solutions.  Build a Berlin wall, real or virtual, banning the export of retired people and their Social Security.   Or make it possible to live within the USA on the Social Security check.  To do this, the Social Security Administration would need to correct their cost of living algorithm (COLA) to reflect actual increases -- not the current fraudulent algorithm,  Then the country would need to provide adequate health care at reasonable prices.  Since the government refuses to do anything about cheating the retirees of their paid-for benefits,  the USA will continue to watch an increasing number of retirees taking their pittance elsewhere.  Places to where $1,000 dollars each month can provide a life style promised when the retiree first started donating their money to Social Security.  A time when Social Security advertised itself as "Your Retirement Plan".

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