For all that I did not think that I ought to have thought,
 for all that I did not say that I ought to have said,
 for all that I did not do that I ought to have done, 
 I pray to be forgiven.  
I humbly ask the time to complete the tasks that have been given me. is Shutting Down

I have been a poor manager of this site.  I have ignored it for over a year.  Creating the site was a great thing -- fifteen years ago.  Now it has become a yoke around my neck.  There are others who could do a better job of presenting themselves and have offered to buy the site name.  It is time to take them seriously.  I shall release the site somewhere around the first of 2016.

I intended the site to be total information for RVer's or prospective RV'ers.  Then that was difficult and today the RV life-style is not in demand.  I intended for it to be my auto-biography but there were things I could not write for fear of hurting people who are still alive and may have different memories of our relationships.  I intended it to be a running dialog of my ongoing life but I fell behind.  And people took exception to what I did write.

I do not back down well.  I apologize for the first two. Not the third: people not liking my ongoing dialog.  For this I can only say: listen to the Pope's message.  Bury your hate and anger and learn to love the god in whom you claim to believe.  I have done nothing to hurt anyone.

I have spent all of my life attempting to help people -- personally and professionally.  Personally, little children: especially.  I take the Book of Mathew's warning about harming children very seriously.  I shall continue to do so.  For those who yell at me and get others to interfere, I can only say that you are hurting yourselves.  My friends know my intentions to help others and they fear your anger -- dangerous Americans in Mexico.  Locitos.

Yes. This is specific: to those Americans who take exception to my helping the local Mexicans.  I spent 10 years in the RV park, at my expense, to bring the Internet to El Golfo. I ran a clinic to help people understand their own PC's and to have communication to their homes up north.  And when I left the park, I installed an even better system and quietly maintained it until management changed.  For this I have been slandered, harassed, and been told to never return.

Today although I am still a park member, other members take exception to how and to whom I bring to the park.  They yell at me from poolside. They yell at me in the clubhouse. There are others who do more for El Golfo than myself: the room full of clothing for the poor and the Christmas presents.  The best I can do is to buy things and help the children.  Food.  School supplies. Soap and toilet supplies.  School tuition.  Clothing.  Nutritious school lunches.  Milk. $1,000 per month this year -- up to that previous years.  (An equal amount for north of the border). And for my efforts I am slandered about how I treat my wards.  Every day up to 20 kids come to my gate for candy, milk, toothbrushes, etc.  But if I take a couple children to the park, members yell and make my kids fear Americans.

My plate is full.  I am seldom alone.  I have so much to do that I get behind.  I spent two days up north for tests this week.  Kids cleaned my home and cared for my dog while I was gone.  I returned with food and clothes.  The Americans are correct: I do like the Mexicans more than the haters.  The El Golfo park seems to attract the worst kind of Americans.  Not all but a very vocal group.  For the Mexican culture:  I have never seen such love and caring.

As a culture in their home country, and in America, the first thing you see is their love and their happiness.  The heart of a mother melts the first time she sees her baby dance to music.  The men who jump out of their pickup trucks to get my car back to the roadway.  I have more fish and shrimp than I can eat.

So the time I previously spent in the RV park helping Americans and writing my pages is history.  Today it is all I can do to prepare my home for my daughter for when she will need it in the near future.  To give to local people so that they can spend what little they do have on things that I cannot get for them.  To return the love that is bestowed upon me.  To pass the site name on to someone for whom it may benefit.

All That is Necessary For Evil to Triumph is For the Good to Do Nothing

Many of the Americans that come to the CRA El Golfo Park are the worst possible people.  They enjoy harassing me when I am in the park.  They spread lies about me all over town -- and have been doing so for over 10 years.  The lies are the worst kind of smears.  Lies about my membership.  Lies about my contributions to the park.  Lies about my personal history before and during my life here.  Only the lowest of the low could stoop to such things.  The worst is the claim that I have historically molested children -- specifically girls.  This puts me in danger as too many people actually believe these lies.  I could care less if the slime at the CRA park believe them.  But they have told the local Mexicans the same lies.

Most of the Mexicans know better.  But when they hear the same lie repeated they cannot help but wonder.  It is this wondering that puts me in danger.  Yes, the Americans have hurt me.  If they remained in their little playpen, I could just shrug them off.  When they spread their filth to my friends, my friends come to my defense.  It is a small town.  Words travel fast and everywhere.   Even my friends cannot erase the filth.

The liars all know better.  They could actually dispel the lies by supporting me when they hear the lies repeated.    But they continue.  The good people -- and many are good people -- do nothing.  Some of the Mexicans have actually told other Mexicans to stop the lies.

I understand how Obama feels when he hears the Republicans refusing to dispel the birther lies.  Except he is a public figure.  I am just the guy who has spent his life trying to help other people and there are people out there who cannot tolerate someone just trying to do the good thing.

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