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Most people know my opinion of flag etiquette:

The Ugly American

You can find the rules for flag etiquette by typing "flag etiquette" into Google.  In general, if flying only one flag, the national flag is it.  If flying two flags, the national flag is higher and to the front and to the flag left of the other flag.  If flying three flags, the national flag is flying higher, in the front of, and in the middle of the other two flags.

This is easy.  Or I always thought so until I saw the Ugly American.  Here in the middle of the RV park is this very expensive motor home. It is surrounded by many expensive toys.  You can see about $20,000 worth of them in this picture.  There is more.  The flag pole is about 35 feet high. The reason the pole looks a little blurred in the pictures is that there is a string of bright lights going from bottom to top.  At night this pole lights up the neighborhood with all of its lights.  As if this were not bad enough, there are spot lamps at the bottom to further light the flag.
Now if I were in South Bend, this would just be an obnoxious patriot.  But we are in Mexico.  The only reason for having such a display is to inform the Mexicans that he is invading their country.  We know that this is not true because those toys are not military vehicles and the first aggressive action by the RV owner would have his beautiful possession either demolished or confiscated.

So, this vulgar display of a foreign flag has one sole purpose.  One or both of two reasons.  First, the man is so stupid as to think that he is being patriotic to the United States by insulting the country he is visiting.  Or he is insulting the country he is visiting because he is just an obnoxious person (euphemism).  I think there is a difference -- but in any case, he is insulting his hosts, embarassing his American neighbors, and is waving a flag to advertise his stupidity.

Just to make sure, I have ordered 20 Mexican flags to be displayed in the area and have assisted my neighbors in raising the Mexican flags that they already have.  We do not want our friends, the Mexicans, to believe that we are all white trash.

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