Hospital De Mascotas

Business Card

Right.  Just what you need: a Mexican Veterinary reference.

OK. Here it is.  The young Dr. Moreno has a full service veterinary care and medical hospital in San Luis, Rio Colorado, Sonora, Mexico.  If you are anywhere near Yuma (San Luis), Arizona and you have a pet and you need care, this is where you want to be.  You really do.

I have known Dr. Moreno for several years -- as a client of his services.  He has treated my dogs for Valley Fever and breast surgeries and given regular checkups.

Dr. Moreno has a professional staff and both he and his office assistant speak very good American English.  They need to: a majority of his customer base cross the border to visit him.  Yes, more than half.

Why should you cross the border and visit Dr. Moreno?  Because he truly cares for your pet and will give you good care at prices that you would not think existed if you ever visited an American veterinarian.

My dog, Bingo, has had Valley Fever.  Nasty stuff if you know what it is.  People and animals have died from it.  Bingo has a fever this week and I fear that the Valley Fever has returned.  I visited Dr. Moreno.  He did not charge for the checkup and gave me three prescriptions.  One antihistamine (about 30 pills).  One anti-biotic (7 pills).  One series of injections (3).  The bill was about $100.  And if you have one of his stickers on your car, you get a discount.  An American vet would have charged closer to $500 for this treatment.  When I had trouble giving the second injection,Dr. Moreno and his staff gave Bingo the injections on schedule at no extra fee.

Dr. Moreno  performed surgeries on my previous dog, Dido.  After the surgeries, Dido, recuperated in the hospital care center.  Doggie Hotel.  The care center has a camera in each cage so that you may see your animal from the Internet.


Notice that the above card has a local telephone number.  To call from the USA, the number is: 011 52 653 534 2731.  Calling ahead to verify the doctor is available and to make an appointment is a good idea.  On tMobile the call costs me about 30 cents per minute.

Driving Directions:

The business card has the address.  It is about a mile from the border crossing.   As you cross the border going south, turn left (East) at your first opportunity.   The crossing is congested and you may be inspected.  If so, you will be going south on a different street than you entered.  No matter.  After turning east, turn right (South again) on 5th Avenue.   Look at the business card above.  The animal hospital has a giant matching sign above the offices on the right side of the street.  The left side of the street on this block is the backside of a giant Calimax grocery store so finding the offices is easy.

If you are driving, make sure to have Mexican Liability Insurance (800-909-4457);

Walking Directions:

Walk south across the border.  One block into Mexico is a row of taxis.  Take the first taxi and give him the street address on the above card.  The cost should be about $1 dollar (10 pesos). Verify the price before entering the taxi.  For recrossing back into the USA, it is easier if you have a pet carrier.  Print this web page so that you can show the taxi driver the address.  You can walk using the same directions as for driving but if it is a hot day, a mile is a lot of heat.

Multiple Offices

The good doctor has multiple offices.  Do not get confused. The primary animal care and surgical center, is the one given here.  His other offices can give you regular care but if you are making the trip to San Luis and crossing the border, this is the office that you want to visit.  If taking a taxi, make sure that the driver knows what you want.

Vaccinations and Pet Passport

I carry my doggie passport in the same pouch as my own passport.  All of my dogs' injections been Mexican.  The little red (green) rabies tag on Bingo's collar is Mexican.

In general, the American Border Crossing Guard will ignore your pet if it appears to be in good health and under control.  But I would not cross the border without my pet papers at hand.  Dr. Moreno has some nice pet passport booklets.  You will save the cost of going to San Luis and crossing the border just by getting your annual vaccinations when you visit.

Pet Store

The good doctor has a large selection of medical products, pet foods, toys, leashes, collars, etc.  The quality is good as are the selections and prices.  Prices better than American pet stores.  But you may NOT cross back into the USA with Mexican pet food or treats.  You may not even return with any that you bought earlier in the USA.  All pet food and treats are restricted items. Check your car before going into Mexico for any pet products.  Toys and other things make no difference to the border guards.  Just food.

Visiting Mexico

I have written an entire book on visiting this area of Mexico.  Contrary to the "news" that you have been hearing, your visit to San Luis is at least as safe as visiting Yuma, Arizona.  You may have to say "no" to many people attempting to sell you things as all border crossings are big tourist trinket areas.

Most of the police speak English as do many of the street venders.  For your later return to the USA you do need a passport or tourist card for each member crossing.  The health record booklet for your pet is a good idea.  Tags on his collar are also good.  You do NOT need a Mexican visa or permit for any border crossing.  Just think of San Luis, R.C. as any other place except that the people talk funny.

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