Mexico -- The Southern Partner of the EEUU

Throughout these pages you will see references to Mexico.  They are my own experiences.  I am not an expert on Mexico.  The more I am in Mexico, the more I dislike gringos, Norte Americanos, hombres de los Estados Unidos, etc.  I know that the angry response to this statement is: "America, Love it or Leave it".  I heard that enough in the 1960's.  The USA is my home country.  It is the Americans who make it bad.  Their self-deception pervades their lives as thoroughly as sexism and racism in Florida.

I am angry with the American Government Mexican Vilification Program.  The US State Department says to not visit Mexico as it is too dangerous: you can get killed.  On the contrary: I can walk anywhere in my Mexican town any time of day or night and no person will assault me.

President Calderon has asked, publicly, for the USA to stop its anti-Mexico program.  This is a sad day.  The president of one country should not need to ask its neighbor to stop initiating vicious lies.  Yes, there are places in Mexico that are dangerous.  Almost as dangerous as Boston or Detroit.  I understand that there are armed robbers in some places in Mexico.  In 10 years, I have only heard of two such persons in this district -- and they were quickly arrested. 

Mexico takes personal security very seriously.  Because of the stories of violence, there is an ever increasing visibility of local and federal police and soldiers.  Most of the police speak English well.  Because of the stories of drugs, there are permanent and random drug checkpoints.  In the 75 miles to cross into the USA from here, I shall pass two permanent and maybe two more mobile police or military checkpoints and a couple of police stations.  When I cross the border, the US Border patrol asks me if I feel safe in Mexico.  I wish I felt half as safe in the USA.

In Mexico if I have a problem, people will come to my aid.  If I cannot feed myself, meals arrive.  If I fall and cannot get up, a hand appears.  If I have a compliance problem and ask for help, I get it.  If the police stop me, it may be to ask the health of my dog or if I am getting sufficient support from the local offices: and they may just wave as I drive past.  If I need a vaccination or other medical assistance, it is available at the district clinic -- free.

Maybe the reason for the US anti-Mexican program is to get Americans to spend their money at home as an extension of the "Buy American" program.  Whatever the reason, this very selfish program of deception and lies must stop.


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El Golfo de Santa Clara


Mexico is a large country.  The geography ranges from beaches to mountains and from desert to tropical.  There are many web sites devoted to this beautiful country and I do not attempt to duplicate them here.  This page is about my experiences in and around El Golfo De Santa Clara and what I am able to share with you.

The true value of Mexico is its people.  The Mexican culture is a loving, caring, hospitable people.  You must understand the history of Mexico to understand the variety of cultures to be found here.  Prior to independence Mexico was ruled by both the Spanish and the French.  Before these occupations were many different native cultures.  As you may be aware, the Mayan culture was so advanced that their calendar is more advanced than the current calendar.

Because of this mixture of races, the is no Mexican "race".  Mexicans in color can be anything from Caucasian to black (?) to the coffee color of some of the Indian tribes.  The first time I saw a beautiful Mayan woman I stopped dead in my tracks and only the interruption by a close friend kept me from total embarrassment.  Most Mexican women can fill out a pair of jeans better than most American women.

The culture is hard working.  You see this from their statues of themselves to the billboards encouraging hard work to their every day labors.

From the Spanish heritage they inherit a typically corrupt government of the very rich and the very poor.  They have a constitution that contains things that  it took 25 amendments to the American Constitution to match.  Their basic constitution, 200 years old, contains equal rights for ALL people of ALL colors and gender.  Sadly as in the American South, this is the goal rather than the fact.

Mexico is a land of such contradictions that it is impossible for most Americans to attempt to understand.


Historically a Spanish Catholic country, there are many Christian and psuedo-Christian groups here.  For example, Mormons. Seventh Day Adventists, and Jehovah Witnesses.  Many small bible churches.  Many American missionaries.  You see many chapel, statues, or pictures dedicated to their patron saint: the Virgin of Guadeloupe.  Along the roadsides you will see many small chapels dedicated to someone who has died at that location.  Many Mexicans will sign themselves as they pass these.

Mexico is very progressive.  Birth control pills are available to any woman, young, or old, from any of the local health clinics.  The Pope made a visit to Mexico a few years ago protesting that the Mexico City government had authorized abortions.  Most of the Mexican women that I have met have at most two children.  Rarely more than three.  The population is so poor that feeding more than two is difficult.

Health Care

The United States is the ONLY industrial country n the world without good health care.  Mexican health care could be improved upon but in general it works.  Anyone, including me, can walk into he local health clinic and get free health care.  I have gotten flu shots: regular and H1N1.  Free.  I have gotten tetanus shots. Free.  I have had surgical stitches installed and removed.  Free.  I have gone with a local woman to San Luis where her baby was delivered.  Free.  She did have to pay a hundred dollars or so for the baby's birth care.  She also had to buy the clamp to tie off the umbilical cord.  Interesting.

There is a national insurance: IMS.  WIth this you can get a higher level of care.  There is a sliding scale of costs for the higher care.  I could qualify but being over 40 and a foreign national I need a Mexican health physical stating that I am in good health.  With my heart failure, diabetes, broken knee, etc., I could never pass the physical.

Insurance companies for profit?  To a Mexican the very concept is unbelievable.  Except in the United States, health care is considered a right although better health care may be a privilege.

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