This section describes only the places that I have visited.  It is not meant to be comprehensive.  If you need comprehensive, try other web sites or various travel books.  This section is growing as fast as I can do it.  If you want to contribute, e-mail me.

Travel Tour Tips

I went on a ten-day tour to Mexico's Copper Canyon.  Here are my travel tour tips.

Travel Channel Top Historic Places

Commentary on these historic, patriotic, places.



Picacho Peak

The Sonora Desert


Mexico -- What little I know of Our SOuthern Neighbor and Partner

RV Parks and Systems

Colorado River Adventures

Thousand Trails

Soledad Canyon


Travel Games

Swedish Golf is an interesting game I have seen everywhere.


Which State (of the USA) extends the farthest:

  1.   North?
  2.   East?
  3.   South?
  4.   West?                                                (Answer)

How many State Capitols (of the USA) are WEST of San Diego?   (Answer)

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