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I saw the TV Travel channel have these and I thought I might comment  We should all feel good about our history, as short as it is.

10  Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

This is a great place if you are into World War II.  When you go to Hawaii, Oahu is on your list only if you are into Waikiki and Pearl Harbor.  You feel patriotic when you see the monument.  You find out that the sneak attack was not so sneaky and somewhat betrayed by Washington.

Waikiki is an over-rated, block long, beach.  There are much better beaches in Hawaii.

The big thing on Oahu is the climb to the top of Diamond Head.

9  Washington Monument, D.C.

This monument is great to see in the middle of the mall  When I was there you could use the stairs up but you could use it to go down.  The trip down is worth the time.  You see stones donated from each state.

Spending time in the mall makes you feel good about the USA  There are many other monuments to see.

Park outside the beltway and take the subway downtown.  Bring a lunch and picnic in the mall  Bring sun block.

8  Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

With a little knowledge of geography and history, this battlefield where so many died was critical to the winning of the war by the north  The Gettysburg address by Lincoln at the end of the war was critical to our country view of itself.

7  Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

I was there last year  It is awesome  They charge for parking  Drive a half-mile past the parking area, park for free, and walk back to the park.  You get to see the best profile of Washington when you do this  There are wild goats and you should see some.

The Black Hills are beautiful and worth seeing even without the monument.

When in South Dakota, you must stop at Wall and see Wall Drug  If you are into bikes, go in August to Sturgis.

6  Independence Hall, Philadelphia

This is the first capitol of the USA.  This is where the Constitution was framed  This is where they have the Liberty Bell.

The original money mint is here.  The original first station.  Betsy Ross home  Many other sites regarding the formation of our Constitution and the bare bones of the creation of our country.

Shortly after Carole and I got married, her brother got married  He lived in Philadelphia  We stayed with friends in New Jersey and made a day trip to Philadelphia.  We saw Gettysburg.  We spent the time before the wedding and also the time between the wedding and reception to tour the city.  It was a nice city as cities go.  No fear of being mugged and the people were friendly  We tried to find the Liberty Bell  We walked until my wife wore out her heels, and her feet  We asked. One man even gave Carole a rose after he asked everyone in sight  No luck.  Many referred us to a racetrack.  We did not think so.  Finally we came to rest on the back steps of Independence Hall  I looked inside and saw the Liberty Bell  I was excited and dismayed  We had found it  Dismay because the local citizens had no idea what was in Independence Hall.  People should always know their local history.

5  Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia

Robert E. Lee’s home is now acres of white headstones.  Sort of like the Vietnam memorial on a greater scale  I think I would have felt better if I had been in the military.

4  The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is among the rolling hills of central Texas.  Find a space to park and walk a few blocks  It is a monument to the aggressive nature of the early Americans to take what they wanted to grow from coast to coast  I do not like Texas much but if you go there, the Alamo and Big Bend Park are the places to see.

My grandfather told us the story that our great, great, great, great, grandfather, James Corrial (?), died at the Alamo.  I went there, mostly to see his name, and found that they had never heard of him.  I asked around and found that they occasionally find a new name to add to the roster  The claim is that all families of those who died received land grants.  So if I took the time to run the genealogy and found the family and a land grant, and appropriate death information, they would consider adding it to the list  I had no reason to stay in Texas that long as so I went on my way.  My grandfather always did like to exaggerate  I saw a bumper sticker in Banderas that said: “Life is to short to be in Dallas”.  Maybe that is where I got my prejudice.

3  Lincoln Memorial

I think President Lincoln had a vision and fulfilled it  This is on the other end of the mall from the Washington Monument  Sitting on the steps and watching the mall is a great way to spend the afternoon.

I wonder why they left out the Jefferson Memorial.

2  The Statue of Liberty, New York Harbor

Again, take the walk down.  Take the Staten Island Ferry.  The same guy designed this as the Eiffel Tower.  You cannot go up the arm but you can see the old stairs  They rehabilitated the statue and covered the torch with a gilded surface so that it no longer lights but only reflects  Its looks better not that it is all white.

Ellis Island is a combined park with Liberty Island.  You go to New York City to get here.  This is its own experience.  Battery park and Wall Street and the Fulton Street Fish Market are sites to see.  Then there is Grand Central Station, the Empire State Building, and the ruins of the towers  So much  Take your time  NYC is always in a hurry.  Visit Harlem.

The museums are great  Lunch in Central Park  Camp at Bear Mountain in New Jersey or other parks, drive to White Plains or Yonkers and take the train into town.

1  World Trade Center

This is the only one of the ten that I never saw.  The twin towers were completed after my last visit to the south tip of Manhattan  I remember the towers being built  Maybe this is why I sort of wonder why this is number 1 on their list; as after all, the towers are gone.

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