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I have seen this game around several parks.  I do not know its origin.  The fellow I got this from seemed confident that he had the equipment and rules correct.  I think the only problem is that the measurements are American and the Swedes use metric.


The blue rectangle is the base.  It is made from 4 elbows and PVC pipe.  There are 2 of these.

The orange rectangle is the vertical gantry (also made from PVC pipe).  There are 2 elbows and 6 Tees.

8 - Golf ball sets, center drilled, with 1-foot thong connector, 4-each of red and white.



10-foot, Schedule 40, ¾ inch PVC pipe


90-degree PVC angles, ¾ inch


90-degree PVC Tees, ¾ inch


golf balls (not liquid-filled)


16-inch leather thongs (leather shoe laces)


The two hangers are assembled from cut PVC pipe sections.  If you wish to glue components, glue all joints except the 2 foot cross pieces of both the base and the gantry.  This gives maximum strength with the ability to collapse the hangers into a compact box.

Drill a hole through each golf ball and thread a thong through pairs of matching colors.  Tie a knot in each end of each thong.  The knot should be large enough to not pull through.  Another knot should be tied against the ball on the inside of the thong.  The hole should be large enough to thread the thong and no larger.  Wet the thongs to get them to tighten.  The distance between ball centers is 12 inches.


The hangers are placed with a distance of 21 feet between the vertical gantries.  An easy tool is an 18-foot rope tied to the front crosspiece of each hanger.

The left or right long sides of the hangers should form a straight line.  This makes it convenient to throw straight across to the opposing hanger.  The throwing line is the extension of the gantry of the closer hanger.

A sand bag on the closer crossbar of the hanger will stabilize the hanger when the balls are thrown.


There are two teams, red and blue.

The first person to throw is from the team scoring the highest on the previous set.

That player tosses the balls to the opposing hanger until all three balls are tossed.

The other player then tosses his three balls.

Score is counted after all balls are tossed.


The winner is the first team to get exactly 21 points.

If a team exceeds 21 points, their score is reduced to 10 points.

2 ball sets of different colors on the same crossbar cancel each other and no score is given the 2 sets.


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