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Yes, this includes NACO

1000 Trails is composed of several parks assumed into the 1000 Trails name.  The two latest are NACO and Leisure Time (Oregon).  Because older memberships only include their original parks, the names are still separated on the membership contracts:

Thousand Trails are what RV traveling is all about.  I was somewhat critical of them until I stopped at CRA.  Now I realize no place is perfect but Thousand Trails tries.

Mail:No 1000 Trails Park accepts US mail.  Most parks accept UPS or FedEx.  Inform the office that you are expecting a package then watch the message board usually at park entrance or main lodge.

Internet Access

Internet access varies but they have a more positive attitude about it.  Some are free.  Some charge pennies, some accept donations.  In a positive attitude place it is a good idea to donate something to make sure that we do not lose the facility.  Always get off the telephone line if someone else wants it.

Most 1000 Trails parks have a modem line in the adult lodge.  Some have them in the other lodge.  Some parks may have the line but all services are long distance so you need to access them with an 800 number or your calling card.  I originally had a line entry for this.   Since many people now access the internet in other manners, this is not so critical.  If you still need the modem line, maybe you should rethink your choices.   Choices?  Cell phone interface, Kinko’s, Wi-fy, DirecWay, Library.  Most 1000 Trails parks are installing Wi-Fy although I understand each park separately contracts for service.  This is not too bright: 1000 Trails has enough power that it should be able to contract for ALL parks with one of the larger companies or at least Boingo.

I did not join Leisure Time so those parks are not on my list.  Opinions: e-mail me.

Synopsis by Park

These parks I have visited.   Let me know and I shall be happy to add other parks and add or correct information on these parks.


AZ – Verde Valley

From I-17 exit Cottonwood turnoff to highway marker 111.
Park is on right with small sign.

Park is beautiful desert valley adjacent to National Forest.

Friendly working people.

West: Jerome is up a winding road to the north. Tourist town. No RV parking.
Do NOT take highway from Prescott across Mingus Mountain, through Jerome in the Winter!

East: Sedona is on the highway to the southeast from Cottonwood.  Park in dirt lot at the end of the highway to Sedona on right side.

Grand Canyon is a good day trip from park.  Ride the train from Williams.

General Delivery
Cottonwood AZ 86326-9999

Mile 211 Hwy 260 1000 Trails Road Cottonwood AZ 86326

Cell: Very spotty.

CA – Mountain Lakes

I-215: Exit Newport Road East until road ends, turn south, ½ mile on right

Cow farm next store leaves smell.

Friendly people

River Channels throughout park are interesting.  Many Eucalyptus trees.

Nothing here.  Temecula has Costco (gas), Wal-Mart (overnight)

Sun City is a Del Webb retirement community.

General Delivery
Sun City CA 92586-9999

Cell: OK

CA – Palm Springs

I-10 just west of Indio: Varner Rd exit.  North side of Interstate about 1 mile west of exit.

Closed in the summer.

Park is an overcrowded parking lot.

Friendly gate people.

No redeeming value unless you are a winter golfer.


CA – Soledad Canyon

North of LA: I-5 to highway 14. Exit at Acton on Crown Valley Rd. Follow road east around back south

Park is beautiful desert valley

Very regimented:  Soledad is the name of a prison.

Just up the road from Lancaster/Palmdale (Home of Lockheed secret airplane development)

Many locals from LA and Lancaster

Cell: Section M is good. Otherwise very spotty.

CA – Pio Pico

East of San Diego. I-805 Exit 94 at Otay Lakes Rd. East 2 miles.
Don't even think about coming to the park from the north or the east

Nice with desert hills and a steep dirt road on back side of park (INS).

Many weekend or vacation people from San Diego or LA.

Friendly management -- park manager grouchy -- yelled at me.

Chulla Vista is literally just west of the park with construction of new homes growing fast.

General Delivery
Jamul CA

Cell: Hike up INS dirt road, branch to right.  Maybe at basketball pole.

CA – Rancho Oso

From US 101 exit to 154 at Santa Barbara or South of Santa Maria.
Turn on Paradise Road until Rancho Oso sign on the right. This is a one-lane road: call ahead if you have trouble backing up.

Beautiful desert river canyon inside a National Forest.

Friendly people and management.

Horseback riding. Many trails on high slopes.

Santa Barbara is a nice upscale (very wealthy) California beach city.

Ignore signs for local NFS usage permit fees –– but do not stop until you get to the park.

Mail: Santa Ynez (better- center of town) or
Santa Barbara 93102 (1000 Anaculpa) (Santa Barbara refused me delivery and my mail was returned to sender two weeks later!

Cell: Very spotty.

CA – Morgan Hill

US 101 to Tennant Rd. (Morgan Hill)
West to Monterey Hwy.
South 2 lights to Watsonville Rd.
West 5 miles to Uvas Rd/Sign.
Right 100M --- left on entrance road.

Park is beautiful hill valley

Friendly people but nasty manager (with white Stetson) as of 2002.

No sites have sewer!  Pay for honeywagon or visit dump stationss yourself.
Electricity needs Autoformer.

Home base for Silicon Valley.  Forested park among forested hills.

Park deteriorates every year due to lack of maintenance.  1000 Trails should be ashamed of this park.  Electricity fails in F and G sections on any warm day with slow restoration until temperature goes down.  If you want to stay cool, use your generator! If you want grass, water it yourself.

General Delivery
Morgan Hill 95036

c/o Thousand Trails 12895 Uvas Road
Morgan Hill CA 95037

Cell: Verizon is good, others very spotty: try entrance road or horseshoe throw.

CA – San Benito

US 101 to CA-156
156 to Union (7.2)
Union to Cienega (3.6)
13 Miles on left

US 101 to CA-156
Take CA-156 further north than the above to find a better route -- follow the directions in the book.

Park is beautiful hill valley
Desolate, large park

Because of the long, winding road to the park, day trips are serious business.
Many Harleys camp here

Danger: One mile south of Union on Cienega Road is a ‘T’ in the Road at the bottom of the hill.  Driving to the park, you see this with a sign to the left indicating ‘Hospital Road’ and to the right ‘Cienega Road’.  Returning from the park see no sign nor the road disappearing up the hill to the left.  You go straight onto Hospital Road – into a dead end with NO provision for a U-turn!

The homeowners have blocked their drives and will laugh at your plight.  The city/county could solve this by placing a stop sign for people going north on Cienega but someone has a warped sense of humor.  In other words, measure 12 miles from the park exit and turn sharp left to go up the hill.  If you miss the turn and you tow, you will have to unhitch to turn around.

General Delivery
Paicenes, CA 95043-9999
(behind general store)

16225 Cienega Road
Paicenes, CA 95043

Phone: 831.389.4477

CA – Yosemite Lakes

I-5 to CA-120
east 92 miles -- right on Yosemite Lakes Road
Drive past gas station down hill to RV park.
5 miles to West entrance of Yosemite Park.

I love the park but I hate the drive.

Park is beautiful with a nice stream, water activities for kids.

The long, winding road to the park makes this trip serious business: Hwy 120 is a VERY dangerous road with many steep grades and switchbacks.  Highway 49 is worse.

Hwy 41 from Fresno/Madera is by far the preferable route to Yosemite Park.  If you are a member of Coast2Coast, or Resorts of Distinction, or will pay a daily rate, go to the Reynolds resort, Yosemite South RV park -- 7  miles south of Coarsegold.

If you are a member of Escapees, go to the Coarsegold Escapees park.

From either park, you can go to the casino for the best buffet you have ever seen ($5).

General Delivery
Groveland, CA 95321


Not a chance

OR – South Jetty

Take US 101. Follow TTN directions park is ½ mile off highway towards beach.

Thickly wooded park with tree-engulfed sites.

So many trees that you will have trouble setting up your satellite dish!

Tourist town 1 mile north over the bridge.

Cell: Unknown

WA – Birch Bay

Follow TTN directions.  Get off I-5 going west until stop at road end.  Turn north ¼ mile on right.

Big grass parking lots with tree columns separation.

Did not stay long enough to really see the park.  I think the sights are primarily outside the park.

Cell: Unknown

WA – Chehalis

Use the TTN directions or you will get lost.

Original NACO park.  Beautiful hills and secluded sites.  Nice people.  Great management.

Sea-Tac is a good day trip from here.  Other parks may be closer to Seattle but not as good of a home.
Across the Interstate is an Indian casino with a very good buffet.

Cell: Unknown

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