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The name "Kelly Family Enterprises" has been around for some 20 years and longer than I have had this web page (www.ChuckKelly.com).  There has just not been very much exposure.

I have a library of picture viewing and organizing programs.  When I started, the concept was unique.  Today every software company from camera makers to photo editors have their own organizer.  Windows has even dedicated links to its own concept of photo directories.  Windows has also abandoned alphabetic/numeric order for its directories in favor of  using numeric value rather than ASCII text for the sort order.

In other words, I have been too long to market for my products and they do not follow the industry direction.  As I get them ready for market, I shall add them to this page.

Please email me (ICON above) if you would like something changed or you find a bug.

At the time these programs were uploaded they contained no viruses.  I had three different anti-virus programs scan with no hint of a problem.

Software Products


My version of the game, including some sample games.  I am not aware of any bugs except in the game composition window.


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