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There are several types of contracts for service.  The features between these are subtle.  Escapees, Family Motor Coach, and Good Sam offer various kinds of contracts.

I figured out that one company handles most of the contracts.  Which 800 number you call or your code number determines the price.  The contracts are the same except there are various extensions (e.g. Mexico coverage).  For example, Camping World and Good Sam both use GMAC insurance.  The Good Sam price is substantially cheaper for the same coverage.

Extended Warrantee

These are sort of extensions to your manufacturers warrantee.  You want one of these.  They come in a variety of prices, deductibles, and features.  I bought one for $2200 when I bought the coach.  The rear slide went out: $800.  It only takes three of these calls before the warrantee pays for itself.

Emergency Road Service

These are fairly standard.  Makes sure that the towing is unlimited and that you have some control over the destination.  Include Mexico if you go there (Good Sam).


It is your choice here.  Some Comments and considerations:

Car Company Insurance

These people have no idea what the considerations are for an RV and you will not be ready to educate them when it comes time to make a claim.  Buy your insurance from a company that specializes in RV insurance.

Temporary Living Allowance

If your RV is damaged, you will need a place to live while it is restored.  Make sure you have coverage for this.


This is available through GMAC agents, Camping World, Good Sam, and other places.  Goodness knows how many ads you will get from them.  Each quote you receive will be different for the same application contents.  The price may actually double from one quote to another.  I have found the best quote rate for GMAC comes from Good Sam.  My experience with GMAC resulted in such stress that I am now diabetic.


The state of Texas only permits insurance companies based in Texas to write policies for Texans.  To accommodate this, all of the companies doing business in Texas have subsidiary Texas companies.  So your policy will have a funny name at the top as will your insurance card.  Texas also restricts and enforces various insurance option availabilities differently than the major companies advertise or otherwise sell.  If you are an Escapee and have Texas insurance you already know what I mean.  If you call the corporate number and ask about your policy, make sure you identify it as a Texas policy as these may be kept in a different computer database from the other policies.


If you travel in Mexico you want Mexican collision insurance coverage.  This is NOT the same as the Mexican liability insurance.  See Mexico.

Glass Coverage

If you can get this, have it.  Those giant windows that you look through are very expensive to replace and are targets for every rock in the neighborhood.

Full Replacement Coverage

If you can get this, you want it.  When my Flair was stolen, GMAC said my policy only covered “fair market value”.  This is a legal term having no basis in reality.  The adjustor said they could prove that the total value of my 3-year old RV with a sticker price of $85K was only worth $55K even though there were none available anywhere in the country for less than $65K.  I checked.  When GMAC offered to repair the RV, I accepted on it.  This was a mutual loss.  Their appraiser estimated $21k to repair it and I know the repairs came to more than $31K.  It took 5 months and 5 return trips to get the repairs made to a point that I could not emotionally nor financially deal with protracting the process.  “Fair Market Value” is just another way for insurance companies to cheat you.

Emergency Road Care

If this is available, take it even if you have a separate Emergency Road Service.  You can never have too much emergency road care.


Most organizations have insurance agents.  That is, you can call Escapees, Good Sam, etc. for insurance.  This may get you a better rate than buying the same insurance off the street.

RV Alliance

The Texas policies state that an insurance company cannot cancel you for less than 2 claims the same year.  I had tow: roof replacement from hail and awning replacement from a windstorm.  RV Alliance (American Family) cancelled me.  Until they cancelled me, I found them a little pricey but easy to work with, and they have Mexican coverage.


I found this company impossible to work with and cost almost exactly twice GMAC for the same coverage – except they had full replacement coverage.  This coverage costs more but should not cost double.  The local Fleetwood dealer (Beaudry) said he could not repair the damage for the quote from Progressive.  He said that this was normal for Progressive and that they (Beaudry) often ate a difference just to make their customers happy.  But not in my case: the difference was just too much.

Medical Care

Family Motor Coach offers this as part of your membership.  This coverage can be complex.  Out-of-country, helicopter, rig drive-back, temporary living quarters, etc.

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