My Guide to Recreational Living


Before you even think about RV life, think about it.

Help and Sanity



A short but growing list of links to information much better than you find in my pages.

Please check out these links and spend a lot of time on the Internet for additional information.  I am amazed at the quantity of information available online.  I should not be so amazed as I have learned so much in a couple of years that I never suspected existed.  I see from letters and articles that others have learned the same things and have published them.

Primer to RV Living

Basic requirements for the laidback lifestyle.


Types and styles of places to satisfy your need to belong.

RV Site Setup

Setting up and tearing down your park site.

Service Contracts

You will want at least a road-care contract.  Looking at a towing bill can ruin your day – when it is already off to a bad start.


A List of Lists of things for comfortable, safe RV living.


Some merchants who appreciate the RV life-style

Technical RV Considerations



The care and feeding of your RV.


You need to set up a process for receiving mail.  If you count on the post office, you will be paying late fees.


The care of your Awning.  Wind, rain, and sun are all your awning's enemies.

My experiences with a ramada/canopy

Internet Access

The Internet is your primary contact with the outside world.  The one communication skill that you do not want to leave behind.


Just a little about brakes.

Paying Bills, Security

Checking, Banking, Credit Cards, etc. need to follow your lifestyle.  If you count on the post office, you will be paying late fees.


There are fuses of various types in every nook and cranny.


Some of the merchants that I think are good and others not so good.


What your RV eats for lunch makes a difference.

Security System

Security Cameras - My QSEE System


Your heating, cooking, warm water system.

Care of your RV

General care.  Nothing specific.



There is more to it than just pressing down on the pedal.

RV Electricity

A discussion of RV electrical needs.


Travelling with your pet requires some extra provsions and maybe concessions.


A summary of my opinions on generators and other things I know little about.


I carry a tent for emergencies



12 Volts DC and 120 Volts AC

New (Drinking)

A mistake here and the least you need is a bottle of Imodium pills.

Hot Water

Used (Waste)

Used water and how to deal with it.  Grey and Black water containment

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