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There is so much information online that I cannot even begin to list it here.  This set of pages is my personal endeavor.  The pages you will find online are so much more that you will soon lose interest in my amateur work.  The difference is that I have no advertisements or extensive download times.

The following are links to various organizations so that you can get there easily.  The named sites have their links embedded in their title.  Most of these were referenced in other of my pages.

Organization Sites

Originally SKP’s (Special Kind of People) is a great place to call home – and they have campgrounds too.

Religious and Volunteer Sites
Another site of RV people enjoying life: Sort of like this site except more professional.  East Coast People they say.

Campground Sites

You have to be a member of a park that sponsers Coast to Coast.

Colorado Rivers Adventures
Membership park – if you are into powerboats and hot places.
Public Lands to explore and camp and rest areas and merchants for stopovers.

Mexican Information Sites

Mexico -- On the Road In

A comprehensive guide to camping in Mexico (according to them).  This page contains much information about travel in Mexico including vehicle permits, etc.

Mexico Connect

An extensive description of everything from health insurance to beaches and accommodations.  They want you to subscribe but you can get most of what you want without a subscription.  I found the rules for importing and selling a car and health insurance and limits to what I can bring into the country (I have a lot more than the limit in my RV but I think they make exceptions for that, maybe).

Rolling Home Press

Information on border crossings and books to sell.

Supposedly an Escapee’s Book although I scoured their web page failing to find any reference to it:

Traveler's Guide to Mexican Camping


Useful Sites

More basics and even a mail box for your questions.
RVBasics has as much good information as I could write in a year (well, my site has already taken over two years).
A nationwide list of RV Dump Stations – You need this.
This is a site with cross-references to many of the items mentioned above and almost anything else you could want.
Another site like Rvsite.

Phred and Annie's RV Pages
Lots of empirical information on Full-timing in the RV World.
Lists of things to know – lots of lists

RV Dealers


Non-RV Sites

The Search engine that you hear about.

The Search engine that you used to hear about.

Microsoft Streets
Home site of the Streets and Trips program

Money Sites

Check Validation
One of the merchant check validation companies (theft)

Check Validation
One of the merchant check validation companies (theft)

Chase Bank site
Chase Bank’s Identity Theft prevention and action page (theft).

The primary EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) company.  The merchants use this but you can have your own account if you do not how your bank does it.  Checkfree provides software.

FTC Identity Theft Hotline
Your government’s ideas on identity theft

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