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Some merchants have figured out that mobile people have money to spend and are friendlier than the average bear.

Cracker Barrel Restaurants

Many have spaces where you can spend the night if you have had a meal there.  The food is good and plenty but I have problems with the cigarette smoke.

Earnhardt RV

When I went searching for an RV, I found little help in saving money until I ran into Earnhardt’s RV on the web.  If you are looking for a Fleetwood product, you cannot beat the price here.  But you must contact them through the web.  If you walk in the door first, you pay standard rates.  Earnhardt’s has offices in Glendale and Mesa, Arizona.  They have car and truck dealerships all of the metroplex.

They may fly you there for a visit if you make nice.  If you give them my name and address, I get money.


Free or almost free, PC Internet connections with your own PC.  Also a phone for public use without charge for local and calling card calls.  A much more pleasant aspect than standing in the rain at a phone booth.


Wal-Mart some years ago in conjunction with Good Sam adopted a policy of permitting RVs to spend the night in the most distant part of their parking lot on a space-available basis after informing the store manager that you intended to do this.

It is still policy even though the policy has been badly abused by lower-class RV people.

Non-Good Sam members use Wal-mart parking lots.  No one looks up the store manager.  Some people set up shop, slide their slides, set out furniture, etc.  I have heard some people have sued Wal-Mart for not keeping their doorsteps clear.

Many ramshackle RVs can be seen here.  Many ramshackle people can be seen here.  This is too bad.

Resort-heavy communities have passed laws forbidding this practice.  Yuma, Flagstaff, San Luis Obispo, others.  There are generally ways around these laws that do not require you to stay in over-price accommodations.

I hear K-Mart also permits overnights but then again Kmarts are not so frequent.

This is good for traveling and you do not want to spend the time for a park and you want to feel some level of security.

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