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What is a Component?

A component is a piece or part of a system.  In the audio/visual world, we usually have a collection of components to make our A/V system do what we want.  I am not into serious music and so my system is fairly simple.  I have no music components.  I have no speaker system: just a TV and parts.  Here are the prts (components) in the reverse order.


I have a Panasonic TV.  I have always liked Panasonic for their human interface (HI) and their reliability.  My RV came with this model.  After a fight with the repair facility (see disaster), I managed to get the little RCA replaced with another Panasonic.  This unit has always been flaky and I shall need to replace it soon.

DVD Recorder

Maybe all of the DVD recorders as sublevel HI.  This may be because recording a DVD is more complex than recording a video tape (VCR).  This is only really true because the DVD defining committee was composed of media owners.  A VCR tape has only a recording of your movie.  The DVD has a complex menu system built into it with the ability to force the user to view the ownership information track.

You could just copy a tape.  Oh, there are a few bits encoded to keep honest re-recorders at bay but mostly there is just what you want on the tape and you can make a copy as needed.  Regretably the DVD reorders look for these markings better than the VCR recorders did.  This makes it difficult to record product VCR tapes onto DVDs.

The bottom line is the bottom line.  Before the recording industry appear, media owners controlled all copies of their movies, songs, etc.  These are people accustomed to control and to having hordes of money.  Tape cassettes made music portable and now with MP3 players and their prodeny, control of music is harder.  They now have the cooperation of alll of the media transmitters, recorders, etc., such that copies are now costed and charged.

You see, the greed of the media owners is now obvious.  The cost of the medium has dropped almost to zero.  The cost of the product has tripled or quadrupled in the last 15 years.  the medium cost used to be an excuse for chargin g high prices for a product copy.  Now the only reason for the high price is that someone wants to get rich.  And they are getting rich.

After music recording came the VCR.  This caught the industry off guard: copies could be made of anything.  They hld off VCR to VCR copying for years but the industry moved underneath them reducing the demand for such copies.  The VR recorder companies did not buy into the proprieteary markings and so you could copy product tapes.  They fixzed this with the DVDs.  They really fixed it.


I just bought a Magnavox. 

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