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"Forgive Them For they Know Not What They DO?"

This may work for Jesus but he was only selling his personality.  You are buying a product with real money and deserve that the company does know what it is doing.  For the most part they have no idea and expect that you will either throw their junky products away or maybe attempt to get the company to honor a warrantee.  And many only will give you another copy of the same junk.  Worse off, they will give you a "reconditioned" copy of the same junk.  And worse than this, the concept of "reconditioned" means that some lab tech could not figure out why a product was returned and just stamps it hoping the next customer does not encounter the same error.  This customer having attempted to obtain warrantee service after jumping through hoops to get the replacement decides that additional effort is wasting his time.  Like the long standing joke about rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

Dish TV network is a great example of this latter.  I had a brand new system and the dish signal receivers (LMB's) themselves stopped working.  Dish refused to replace the LMB's until they had replaced the black box -- even though their tech agreed that the problem was an LMB.  The black box they sent me did not work.  After complaining about this, they stopped charging me for a month and it took a few months to figure out that they had restarted their charges against not only satellite receivers that did not work but neither did their "reconditioned" box.  They did assure me that the customer having my original box was well pleased.  I never did get a refund of charges for nonexistent service nor a refund for the price of the equipment.  They also refused to stop charging my credit card.  I canceled the card and gave their collection department a piece of my mind.  Refund?  Not a chance.

The third category of manufacturer non-concern is environmental testing.  For example, you would think that anything with "solar" in its name would have been tested under extreme climate conditions needing solar devices.  You can rule out testing of these products under extreme cold.  The rubber on the wires crack and break the tiny thread copper wires inside the rubber.  A great example of this are the Costco car battery chargers.

Not only do these tiny solar charging wires break under cold, they break under desert heat.  You would think that any product test of a solar device would occur in a desert.  Obviously the manufacturers of solar devices do not concur.  I live near the beach in a desert area.  If the heat does not damage something, the salt air will.  The combination is deadly for rubber products.  The rubber on the ends of the Costco solar battery chargers crumbled to a powder in a very short time.  The devices stopped working long before the rubber crumbled.

Brand Names We Could Do Without

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Products You Do NOT Buy Twice.

I buy many things.  Many things are just bad products.  Here is a list of products and manufacturers that I have bought and why I should never have bought them the first time. I am tired of writing about them and then not being able to find what I wrote.  Now the list is in one place.

My Breathing Machine
I have sleep apnea and use a CPAP.

A very short list of reference books.

Cell Phone
I had an article on telephone system evolution which included information on cell phone evolution and services.  There was nothing new there and you can find out whatever you want by going to Google or PCWorld (How To page).

Power Grid
An overview of the American power grid.

All gasoline is the same – check the octane and not the brand.

RFID - Radio Frequency Identification
There rice-sized critters will change the way we shop -- even more than bar codes.

Automatic Update Clocks
SkyScan and Accu-Rite are popular brand names.


DVD Players/Recorders

Not much but a few comments.



My SONY – My last computer

My opinion of the Intel Celeron A really bad product



Remember "Y2K"? In a Nutshell.

General Software Recommendations

Microsoft Streets and Trips – The World's Most Useless Software

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