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I have personal predjudices.  I do not know where I got all of them.  The Lysol brand was one of these.  In the last few years I have learned much from my dog, Bingo.  I inherited a badly abused but high-spirited young dog from a shelter.  It took a couple of years but Bingo is almost a normal dog.  He is certainly a loving dog.  He has turned most of his fears into games.  He is afraid of water.  He proudly trots along the sea water tide line and barks at the waves.  He wants me to try to hit him with my walking stick.  Etc.  So. I look at the Lysol dispenser product on the counter-end at Costco and say why not.  After all I have no experience with the brand and I think maybe my predjudice comes from two things.  The first is I think that their ads about killing germs are exagerated.  Secondly, the name is to close to Listerine and I have always believed that a germ-killing mouthwash did not need to taste so terrible.  I grew up with Iodine for cuts and bruises. Iodine hurt more than the cut.  Now antiseptic creams do not hurt.  Mouthwashes taste good.

When I saw the Lysol gismos with their little colored soap bottles, I thought: "Why not?"

Having experienced the Lysol product, I now have reason to dislike the Lysol brand.  It is no longer an unfounded predjudice.  The battery-powered gismos dispense a fixed amount of soap each time something comes under the spout.  The claim is that it is exactly enough to wash your hands.  My hands are not large but I find that I need to obtain one glob for each hand or Ileave with dirty hands.  And sometimes even then I need to repeat the process.

But be careful when placing the gismo on your counter top.  My counters in the RV are a bit crowded and things get pushed around.  Although the gismo dumps a fixed glob each time, it will do continuously this if something appears in front of the unit and remains there.  The unit is not heat sensitive or sensitve at all other than something, anything, is near the spout.  It times a short time for the gismo to dump its entire contains onto the counter top when the electric toothbrush holder has come into range.

Maybe I could live with this but my kitchen counter has the same problem and there is one place where you might want to place a Lysol gismo that you should never try.  Do not place a gismo in your shower!  It rusts.  The outside is plastic so the rust comes from the inside.  And the rust marks your plastic shower shelf.  Permaently.  And, of course, after the gismo starts to rust, it no longer works.  New batteries. No. Nothing will recover the gismo to a working state.  And you will be reminded of how much you hate Lysol every time you take a showere and see the oval rust shape on your soap shelf.

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