Electric Razors


Braun razors fall into the category of not testing their products.  This is typical of "German Engineering".  I bought a Braun razor.  The battery needs to be recharged after every use. I think the battery lasts long enough.  The problem is that it takes three or four times as long to shave my face as it did with the Remington or the Norelco.  It takes longer because the Braun misses hairs and if you permit it to miss the same hairs multiple days, you will have hairs that it will not cut and you have sort of a sparse beard growing where you think you shaved.  The Braun is a "nibbler".  It nibbles the hairs a bit at a time until it is too short to cut further.  The nibbled bits become a powder inside the shaver head. 

Do not get me wrong.  Your hair is not so short: -- just the end portion that the razor cut is this short.  The powder is not the problem.  The probleem is that the short hair ends are sent as shrapnel flying into other portions of your face.  When they hit your eyes, it hurts.  Wear safety glasses if you own a Braun.  The other problem, of course, is the hairs that you missed yesterday.  It will miss them again since they are too long for the nibble holes to grab.

I bought the Braun because my Norelco needed  new heads and I needed a shave and could not locate the correct head replacement.  The Braun was a very bad mistake.  Yes, I know.  When you see "German Engineering" on the reasons to buy section, I tell you to run.  I should follow my own advice.  Since I have plenty of spare time, I could afford the time it takes to shave with the Braun.  This does not make it less frustrating when I feel my face and find hairs that it missed and will never cut again.  Using the trimmer over my entire face removes these hairs but scrapes my face so that I have little red stripes all over.  After the trimmer is finished, then I can restart my shaving from the start. -- if the battery lass long enough.

When the head blades cut a chunk out of the metal screen and the metal screen cut a matching chunk out of my face, I tossed the Braun and bought a new Norelco.

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