Sky Scan Clocks

Sky Scan is just one of the brands of these new clocks.  I really love them.  I give them as gifts.  These clocks are really great.  If you post them in a clear location, they auto-update the time and date from some atomic clock somewhere -- they are always precise.  They have indoor and outdoor thermometers.  Right now mine says 104 degrees outside and 85 inside.  There is a relative humidity reading.  I like it at about 25%.  The clock even displays the day of the week.  Being retired keeping track of what day it is sometimes gets difficult.  Today is Saturday.  But there is one problem.  Everyone asks about when they see the clock.  When I give it as a gift, I am asked if I have one that reads the moon cycle correctly.  I must tell them that someone in the Sky Scan Company works all night and never gets to see the real moon.

When the moon is full, the clock image is totally black.  When there is a new moon, that is, when the real moon is black, the moon image shows as white.  This is not nice.  Your customers, like me, think this is a great product.  Great -- except for the moon.  You can get used to the reversal for full and new moons -- but trying to figure out where we are in the cycle between full and new requires some thinking.  The whole idea of having this clock is to be able to take a quick glance at the entre display.  Having to compute the real moon cycle from its reverse is just a stupid.  And you get to see this stupid every time you look.  Maybe the designer is a Republican.  You know: for them black is white.

As much as I like Sky Scan, I dislike the ACCU-RITE clocks that claim to have the same automatic update.  I have yet to have one of these clocks automatically update.  I have had at least 5 of them of different models.  Maybe I need to move to a mountain top or some favorite location but even driving cross-country with one of these on my dash panel it never updated.

My latest Accu-Rite has a weather forecast display.  This is interesting: the forecast is always wrong.  Every day about dinner time it predicts rain.  To date the rain has never occurred.  I have not figured out yet the difference between the rain lines from the cloud being solid or blinking.  Both seem to indicate rain and both are wrong.  On perfectly clear days, the display shows a little cloud.  Maybe the creator is used to Florida sunshine: there is always a cloud somewhere.  Here in the desert clear days are the norm.

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